Last week the European Partnership on Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) was officially launched by the European Commission during the celebration of the European Research and Innovation Days.

This Partnership will devote its efforts to achieve greater harmonization of European R&I to support the implementation of innovative CCAM technologies and services, with the aim of exploiting and spreading the benefits that the rollout of mobility solutions enabled by CCAM could bring to our societies.

The CCAM Partnership is a formula that brings together relevant entities of the whole CCAM value chain: from industry to research institutes and academia, stakeholders associations, clusters, service providers and authorities. By working together, these entities want to boost European leadership in safe and sustainable road transport through automation.

The activities within the CCAM Partnership are going to be carried out in 7 “Clusters” or Working Groups in which experts will deal with already identified R&I challenges that need to be overcome in order to advance towards deployment readiness of CCAM technologies and services. The final aim will be to demonstrate all these activities at a large scale.

Some of the topics that will be tackled under the scope of these Clusters are cybersecure components and systems, explainable concepts and training of AI for CCAM applications, AI for situational awareness and system architecture for data sharing. It goes without saying that these are topics in which both, everis and NTT DATA, can contribute to with a broad expertise. Here you can check the White Paper on Automotive Cybersecurity recently published by our colleagues from NTT DATA.

With the aim of bringing this expertise at the European level, everis has been involved from the beginning in the creation of the Partnership, providing its vision on CCAM topics. Over the course of 2020, everis has participated in several preparatory meetings, giving feedback on the content to be worked within the Clusters and contributing to setting up the structure of the new European Partnership on CCAM. 

Thanks to this early involvement in the European Partnership, everis became “Day-1 Member" of the initiative and it has positioned itself as a well-informed and well-connected partner, with an important expertise to provide in the future R&I projects that are expected to arise under the framework of the CCAM Partnership.