It seems like working mainly from home is here to stay, but, what about the random interaction with colleagues in the hallway, or next to the coffee machine?

At everis, we do have a portal called Knowler, and in this portal, there is one nice feature related to internal networking: the "People2Meet" widget, connecting you with other people based on previous activities, keywords in your documents, tags on your interest domains ...

However the added value of this nice feature depends on two things: taking action to connect to others, and making sure some time is available for it. 

Which is the reason I like the idea reproduced here, from Zappier's blog, about having a tool like Donut randomly assigning you a conversation with one of your coworkers

In these weird times of lockdown, and remote working, where we all miss face to face interactions, and even more the spontaneous coffe-corner talks, combining both of the above ideas could lead to very interesting results!