Coronavirus and the resulting lock-downs in Europe encouraged the development of the new modes of life. The drive for technologies, that facilitate these modes, has been skyrocketing and will continue to grow.

For two and a half years everis has been working together with consortium partners on the SoCaTel platform, that produces a user-centered solution for Long Term Care (LTC) services in Europe. A transparent and user friendly platform is an area to exchange ideas, initiate discussions, build solutions and get to know other stakeholders, citizens, businesses, innovators and offices from the public sector better.

Seeing as the platform has been co-created together with the end users, it has been already been piloted in Ireland, Finland, Hungary and Spain, with additional planned piloting activities in France, Italy and the Netherlands. The coverage of diverse countries allowed everis to create a universal solution across different health care service models, cultures and languages. 

To be released as an open source, SoCaTel platform provides a solution for various issues identified during Covid19 as crucial. Even before the virus, protecting the ageing population and increasing the access to the LTC has been a challenge for the public sector and has always been a priority on the political agenda.

The need for digitalisation has been increasing in the past decades, and the Coronavirus just proved the importance of having digital solutions at hand. Although, older adults might not be familiar with the use of various digital tools, the danger posed by the new virus makes digital interaction the only safe and suitable way to have this population group engaged.

Surely, digital literacy is another problem that impacts the related older population but digital participation and interaction is the new future. Digital tools cannot be seen as panacea to all the problems but digital co-creation is the new mode of democratized interaction in the future and everis is in the leapfrog position to share and contribute to this new mode of life.