Last Friday we hosted our first Webinar on Employee Experience on the ¨back to the office¨ process that companies are already preparing for. In this session, our engagement manager, Malak Adouch,  and Patricia Banda, Business Manager, addressed the challenges that employees and companies could experience now that the “opening” has officially started in many countries

They especially emphasized the fact that technology should be considered as an enabler and an accelerator of the incorporation process (back to work process).

Malak touched upon the adoption of tools such as the COVID-19 pass, biometric identification systems and visual tools to manage the physical space. These tools can be used to ensure that the health of those working in the office is respected (maintained).

Patricia explained how there should be 5 themes continuously present throughout the whole incorporation process: 

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Training 
  4. Virtual agents
  5. Process automatization.

Patricia stressed the importance of creating a feeling of being connected from far away.

They concluded that finalising this process in a short amount of time requires focus and dedication. A multidisciplinary team should be established that can be led by HR and supported by active areas such as technology and communications. The objective is to make the workforce more resilient in the face of any upcoming challenges.

Want to learn more? If you missed our session, you can watch it here on demand! 👇