Given the current circumstances that we are experiencing with COVID-19, we must adapt to this economic and social reality which evolves daily.

Faced with this, being able to have our teams and companies teleworking is an efficient and viable approach for all of us. With this new way of working, it is essential to find change accelerators, and, the main accelerator to succeed in this new reality is associated with improving the experience, using the technology as an enabler relying on 5 main points of action:

  1. Adaptation and Culture
  2. Collaboration, Communication and Network
  3. Devices
  4. Platform
  5. Security and Governance

To rely on these main points of action, everis has developed two solutions, Knowler and TŌGŌ: two solutions which naturally integrate with Office 365 and Teams. 

With Knowler you will be able to connect people, emails, documents, projects, structured data and any other kind of relevant company information, obtaining significant, accurate and updated knowledge for each individual. 

With TŌGŌ, you will be able to create, consult and organize the information targeted towards the collaboration and elimination of  silos, promoting social communication and increasing the productivity per employee

If you want to know how to plan and deploy our proposal, you can read our recently released white paper by clicking on the link below and register to our upcoming webinar on TOGO that will take place in May 28th. 

Or contact us directly at