Few days ago, I was browsing my pending newsletters' subscriptions, and I came across this interesting insight on the evolution of the Agile experience over the last 20 years, leveraging on an infographic John Cutler published last year, describing different team structures and approaches to collaboration.

Of course, as for any similar attempt, you can always argue/discuss about the terms, nevertheless it's very readable, and can be a good way of communicating an organisation goal.

Eager to know more, I drilled down some of the links, to reach where Marty Cagan gives us his view on Product Team responsibilities.

Combine all this information, and you do have an excellent baseline for your own discussions around why & how to transform your own organisation - keeping in mind that the purpose of such transformation is to substantially improve "something" (quality of deliverables, higher speed to market, reduced development costs ...), even if it may take some time to see effective results.

Enjoy the journey!