(If you don't recognize the reference, please have a read before you take it personal)

We heard or read that we are in a critical climate emergency so often during the last year, that the term became the "word of the year 2019".

Yet, with so many different fronts: carbon emissions, plastic waste, water scarcity, sea levels rising, extreme weather conditions, etc., it's hard to see past the psicosis and focus on actual solutions.

We have been told to stop using cars, eliminate plastic bags, go vegan, develop a circular economy, refuse capitalism (except for carbon trading, that is), and everything short of going back to being nomad gatherers and feed only from what falls off from trees.

Are you missing anything in this list of good-intent recommendations? I know I am.

Technology! Humankind's impressive evolution in such a short period of time (it's all about perspective) can't be explained without the use of technology.

So, doesn't it seem off that to take on the biggest challenge humankind has ever faced (an extinction level event, no less), technology is hardly mentioned?

Yes, yes, we need to change our habits and be conscious and caring about our planet, no doubt abut that, but make no mistake: the climate emergency can only be truly solved through technology, through innovation and through sheer ingenuity.

For an example of this, click through the link to learn how we can go beyond carbon emission reductions and actually capture CO2 directly from the atmosphere. It is definitely worth a read.