Agile. Most of the organizations have this word on top of their strategy.

A lot of them focus on the organizational design part, proposing new methods, sharing new ways of working, pushing new ways of delivering...

In reality, few of them complete the full agile transformation moving to a hybrid organization, taking advantage of the Agile and the old waterfall world.

A common pattern of organization is the lack of focus of the middle management leadership skills required to push the transformation to the next level. The top management appears as evangelists but miss to onboard their relays in the operations.

The middle management needs to get those skills to play their role fully in the transformation: Growth Mindset,  Self-Awareness, Ownership, Humility,  Empathy, Listening Skills, Courage & Risk Taking, Trust,  Ability to See & Optimize the bigger picture, Ability to Inspire Others. 

Let’s see how the model evolves in the future, but tomorrow’s leader (in its broadest definition) will have to be confident in the proposed model. Helping them get the right knowledge will be key for the completeness of the organization.