Today existing computers are forcefully constrained by two major laws from ten ever-existing adages that define our world. First, Moore's Law, which dictates computing power to double every couple of years which, in return, puts existing computing power to a foreseeable end in the near future. The second major law is Amdahl's, that limits linear possible parallelisation in computer calculations.

From that perspective, existing computing paradigm is slowly reaching a hard stop, while our world continues to produce data at an exponential rate. This urges the question: How businesses will cope with this potential problematic situation?

The answer lies in the power of quantum computing. 

Quantum computing is a whole new paradigm shift in terms of information representation and processing. Quantum computers operate on qubits, or quantum bits, which themselves operate in accordance to quantum effects such as "superposition", or put simply being for two or more particles at the here and there at the same time, which provides an unimaginable fluidity in their occurrence chances.

In terms of power comparing to classical computer, a quantum computer could solve a complex transaction that would take up to 10,000 years for a classical computer to solve. Within this unprecedented power lies the potential benefit for businesses and humankind in general.

Quantum computing could be applied to almost all business sectors, to solve a plethora of existing and emerging problems alike. I would state here three of the major applications of quantum computing, which I do believe they showcase the real value of adopting quantum computing in businesses:

1- Cybersecurity: In this sensitive field, quantum computing could provide a real value-added through encrypting vulnerable account access keys to a degree of impossible decryption capitalising on the superposition effect of encryption code, to prevent from malicious cyberattacks.

2-  Drug Discovery: This process is highly expensive and the results from R&D are not always as desired, due to the complex process of molecules simulation.Quantum computing could solve this issue by representing the molecules in a quantum nature, therefore, simulating their existence as desired.

3- Information teleportation: This sounds more of a sci-fi topic, however, leveraging quantum computing power, along with provisioning the underlying quantum network, businesses could benefit of globally accessing their data anywhere in the world at the same time, without having to geo-replicate the existing data. Awesome right?!

This is just a tip of the iceberg, and in order for companies to grasp the full potential of quantum computing, all that needed is to embrace this paradigm and incorporate it in their digital transformation strategy in order to open the gate to a quantum future.