Remember back in the old days, when we used to talk about how RPA or AI would totally re-shape business processes at organizations?

Ok, maybe it was not so long ago, but there is definitely a new kid in town named Process Mining that aims to take a driving seat in the digital transformation shuttle to re-thinking operations.

Going 4.0 all the way

The classic method for process mapping involved going through endless hours of stakeholder interviews and outdated, inaccurate process documents, which often ended up in unrealistic and biased “happy flows” which rarely depicted what actually happens in real life.

With Process Mining, we simply (well, kind of) plug into the digital traces of our business applications (such as CRM, ERP, demand manager, etc.) to have a first-hand view into the real, down-to-earth way in which operations are conducted, reducing the time and observer bias of the traditional approach.

Process mining is not meant to substitute other digital tools and enablers in the path to automating, optimizing and re-designing the way we conduct business, but rather to transform the (still) analogical way of defining the as-is situation and insights discovery, with a powerful tool that will lead to a better implementation and use of technologies to streamline processes.

Keep an eye on it, big players are already turning their attention and money to the newest tool to make digital transformation a (successful) reality.