Until about a decade ago, customer engagement through online and offline platforms was heavily relying on segmentation that feeds on demographics and behavioural-data.

But today's customers are better informed than ever, as they are exploiting all sorts of information plugs from smartphones, up to smartwatches to stay on the tip of the latest information and to keep up with this information deluge. Due to that, customers are almost always distracted and pressed by time, therefore, no longer in the need to filter each and every information that doesn't resonate with them.

From that perspective, companies and organisations with a sensitive care for their customer needs, capitalised on this opportunity by investing in customer intelligence driven by Artificial Intelligence to answer the only question that matters "what has happened?" in order to identify behavioural patterns, and derive all meaningful insights to predict the "what will happen?" as accurately as possible in order to decide on "what should be done?" and so to address all their customers need through the state-of-the art Hyper-personalisation.

AI-enabled Hyper-personalisation is the new wave to increase customer retention through the parse of customer behaviours and routines such as profile data, social interactions, likes and dislikes, in batch, real-time and near real-time to precisely group this behavioural data into granular segments as precise as segment of one.

Once this fine grained segments are achieved, companies leverage them to create tailored intelligent content and recommendations that better serve the need of their customers, while avoiding sending them unnecessary information, and maintaining a strongly unbounded relationship.

At everis, an NTT Data company, we excel at bolstering our customers vision and mission to better serve their own customers need, through latest cutting-edge technologies and services. To head towards the same objective, NTT Data launches its Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (AI CoE) in Barcelona, to develop further expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and to faster reach its customers in the region and globally.

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